I believe that legislative district 17 should have strong leadership that reflects the rich and diverse landscape of our neighborhoods. Our future is dependent on leaders who understand the need for investment in education, family, and a thriving small business community. Our community deserves someone who is more interested in its needs than special interests. I stand At the Ready to create a positive and bright tomorrow.

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Integrity and fairness are the cornerstones of my character and the foundation of this community.




Improving quality and equitable public education is an urgent issue in our community and in Arizona as a whole. I stand for an educational culture in which our teachers are supported and our children can safely and effectively succeed.

Arizona is one of the most beautifully diverse states in the country. A colorful mosaic of varied ethnic communities shapes our cultural landscape. The health of our state is dependent on the health of each of our  neighbors.

As a veteran, I have experienced the difficulties of transitioning back into civilian life. Like myself, there are so many veterans in Arizona who are trying to figure out how their military experience translates into college education, employment, and community engagement.